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The crème de la crème: Atlanta’s most sought-after neighborhoods

Atlanta's most sought-after neighborhoods

As Georgia’s capital city and the eighth most populated state in the Southeast United States, Atlanta offers one of the finest city living experiences. Its development as a transportation hub bolstered its growth as a regional powerhouse. Furthermore, its real estate market offers one of the highest and stable 10-year appreciation rates in the country.

Get to know the city’s most coveted neighborhoods, where you can find some of the finest luxury homes for sale in Atlanta, GA below.


Many of Atlanta’s sought-after neighborhoods are located in the northern part of the city, specifically in the Buckhead district. It occupies about a fifth of Atlanta and may very well become its own city in the near future.

For now, Buckhead remains as Atlanta’s most exclusive and fashionable neighborhood, with a highly urban core and a fine collection of elegant communities. The local real estate market features a bevy of property types, from high-rise condos to sprawling family estates. Prices for Buckhead condos can go over $5 million, while single-family homes typically start at $2 million.

Buckhead is home to over 40 neighborhoods, which include the following:


Arden-Habersham is a slice of Old Buckhead, bordered by Arden and Habersham roads and Argonne Drive. It’s a predominantly residential neighborhood of handsome European-inspired homes, which range from $1.5 million to over $8 million in price.

One of its best practical aspects is its proximity to West Paces Ferry Road, which easily connects residents to the best of Buckhead’s upscale shopping and dining. The traffic, however, can be heavy.

Nearby schools:North Atlanta High, Brandon Elementary, Sutton Middle, Atlanta Classical Academy, Pace Academy

What’s in the area?

Historic Brookhaven

Historic Brookhaven dates back to 1810 and has earned its place on the National Register of Historic Places. It was originally a plantation owned by John Evins, the area’s first permanent European settler. Evins went on to sell his land to Harris and Solomon Goodwin in the 1830s– their old home still stands today at 3931 Peachtree Road.

Change was afoot once more in the early 1900s, when Brookhaven began to take its form as a planned golf course community. It still is, today, with the neighborhood surrounding Capital City Club. Many Brookhaven residents are members of this esteemed country club, which is the oldest in Atlanta.

Luxury homes for sale in this part of Atlanta, GA feature a beautiful blend of traditional architectural styles, which include Colonial, Mediterranean, Tudor, and Craftsman. Brookhaven properties typically range in price from $600,000 to over $4 million; lots with golf course access or views are especially coveted. View some of the latest listings in Brookhaven here with HOME Luxury Real Estate.

Historic Brookhaven is not to be confused with the suburban city of Brookhaven, which lies just outside Atlanta’s borders. The two share similar backgrounds, however, and a small section of Historic Brookhaven is technically a part of that city.

Nearby schools:Sarah Smith Elementary, Sutton Middle, North Atlanta High, The Galloway School, Atlanta International School, Oglethorpe University

What’s in the area?

Buckhead Forest

Buckhead Forest is on the smaller and more intimate side: the neighborhood only covers 36 acres. Moreover, there are only 165 home lots available in the community. Despite the small number of properties in Buckhead Forest, the options and prices are wide-ranging. The selection almost has a little bit of everything, from condos and townhomes to tony English-style cottages.

This limited housing supply contributes to Buckhead Forest’s perceived air of exclusivity, but it is not the only factor that makes the neighborhood so coveted. Its location– bordered by the Piedmont, Roswell, and Peachtree roads– is its main attraction. From Buckhead Forest, residents are only a short drive away from Buckhead Village, the Atlanta Tech Village, and major city thoroughfares.

Nearby schools:Sarah Smith Elementary, Sutton Middle, North Atlanta High, The Spanish Academy, The Goddard School of Atlanta (Buckhead), Film Connection Film School

What’s in the area?


Chastain Park

Chastain Park is a sought-after neighborhood in Atlanta that is anchored by the 268-acre park that bears the same name. And in many ways, community life in the neighborhood revolves around this sprawling green space. You will often find residents – and non-residents – in Chastain Park, playing team sports, laying down on the grass, riding on horseback, or simply enjoying a long and leisurely walk.

While most of the neighborhoods we have featured so far feature older and even historic properties, Chastain Park is on the contrary. The neighborhood is considered to have the most active new construction market in the entire Buckhead district. As a result, many luxury homes for sale in this part of Atlanta, GA also feature contemporary and modern designs. In general, home prices in Chastain Park start at $1 million. HOME Luxury Real Estate has more details about the latest listings in Chastain Park here.

Nearby schools:Jackson Elementary, Sutton Middle, North Atlanta High, The Galloway School, The Schenck School, Buckhead Preparatory School

What’s in the area?

Garden Hills

Founded in 1925, Garden Hills was envisioned by its initiator as a tree-covered country club community. And his vision came true. Present-day Garden Hills is a beautiful neighborhood in north Atlanta, tucked between Piedmont and Peachtree roads.

Garden Hills possesses a strong family-friendly appeal, with Garden Hills being located a short walking distance away from many schools, shops, and even places of worship. There are also plenty of opportunities to meet residents and make life-long friendships through Garden Hills’ neighborhood organizations. One such club is The Garden Hills Garden Club: founded in 1927, the organization is almost a hundred years old.

Luxury homes for sale in Garden Hills, Atlanta, GA feature a lovely mix of older properties and new construction. You may find a home from the 1920s, recently restored and updated with today’s creature comforts. These older homes are also the most coveted among Garden Hills’ real estate offerings, commanding premium prices. Architectural styles range from classic Colonial to modern contemporary. Explore listings in Garden Hills here with HOME Luxury Real Estate.

Nearby schools:Garden Hills Elementary, Sutton Middle, North Atlanta High, Christ the King School, Atlanta International School, Miami Ad School Atlanta

What’s in the area?

Peachtree Hills

Peachtree Hills is known for fostering a welcoming community spirit and its accessibility to shopping, dining, and schools. Although it dates back to 1912, this established neighborhood feels cooler and perhaps even younger than its neighbors. Peachtree Hills is mostly residential, but you can find a dazzling array of must-try restaurants at the intersection of Kings Circle, Peachtree Hills Avenue, and Peachtree Road.

Lot sizes in Peachtree Hills tend to be narrower and smaller. Craftsman-style bungalows from the 1920s, townhomes with pristine facades, and some newer construction here and there are available, with prices starting at $700,000. While those who wish to grow their families or want room for expansion might find Peachtree Hills lacking, the luxury homes for sale here in this part of Atlanta, GA are still in-demand among those who want to stay near the city center. HOME Luxury Real Estate has collated the latest listings in Peachtree Hills here..

Nearby schools:E. Rivers Elementary, Sutton Middle, North Atlanta High, The Spanish Academy Buckhead, Atlanta International School, Christ the King School

What’s in the area?

West Paces Ferry – Northside

When it comes to accessibility, West Paces Ferry – Northside in west Buckhead is unbeatable. This is a compact community composed of some of Buckhead’s most desirable streets: Paces Forest Drive, Rillman Road, Pinestream Road, and Wood Valley Road, just to name a few. The neighborhood is also bordered by main Buckhead thoroughfares, including West Paces Ferry Road to the north and Northside Parkway to the south. Where these two roads intersect, one can find a bevy of retail and dining options.

Luxury homes for sale in this coveted Atlanta, GA neighborhood start at around $800,000 in terms of price. The local housing stock has a little bit of everything, from smaller ranch homes to magnificent estates in acre lots. Architectural styles also widely vary and reflect different points of time: from the 1900s, when West Paces Ferry – Northside was a choice address among wealthy landowners, to the 2000s.

Nearby schools:Brandon Elementary, Sutton Middle, North Atlanta High, Pace Academy, Atlanta Classical Academy, Atlanta Girls’ School, The Westminster Schools

What’s in the area?

West Paces Ferry

Tuxedo Park

Tuxedo Park is thecrème de la crème of Atlanta neighborhoods: storied, historic, and elegant. Some of the finest luxury homes for sale in Atlanta, GA are found here, surrounded by century-old trees that bore witness to much of Tuxedo Park’s history.

Real estate is highly valued in Tuxedo Park. As of the time of writing, the median sale price in the neighborhood is about $2.8 million. It is also not unusual for some properties in Tuxedo Park to fetch for over $10 million. Thislisting on 3540 Woodhaven Road, which sits on nearly 4 acres and was built in 2018, currently has an asking price of $35 million. Vacant lots also come at a premium and can sell for as much as $5 million.

Luxury homes in Tuxedo Park run the gamut of architectural styles, from classical Georgian and Tudor to sleek contemporary. A blanket of lush greenery ties everything together into one beautiful setting.

Nearby schools:Jackson Elementary, Sutton Middle, North Atlanta High, Atlanta International School, Christ the King School, Atlanta Classical Academy

What’s in the area?


Bordered by West Paces Ferry – Northside and Tuxedo Park, Kingswood is another one of Atlanta’s most esteemed neighborhoods. Although it is easily accessible from West Paces Ferry Road, Kingswood feels like a gated community: private, quiet, and exclusive. Little to no outside traffic passes through the area, and many streets end in picturesque cul-de-sacs. These all contribute to Kingswood’s walkability– something that is enjoyed by residents of all ages.

Kingswood is renowned for having some of the best ranch-style luxury homes for sale in Atlanta, GA. Many of these properties date back to the 1950s and bear original architectural features, but have been updated to offer modern conveniences. Other styles available in the neighborhood include Georgian Revival, Tudor, Colonial, and contemporary. Many luxury homes for sale in Kingswood start at $1 million while the median sales price hovers around $2.4 million.

Nearby schools:Jackson Elementary, Sutton Middle, North Atlanta High, The Westminster Schools, Atlanta Classical Academy, Pace Academy

What’s in the area?


Recognized as the “Capital of the South,” Atlanta has a unique blend of southern charm, urban sophistication, and a rich cultural heritage. Locals and tourists alike can experience and enjoy the city’s distinctive characteristics and amenities that make it a truly remarkable place to live, work, and explore. These include:

  • Southern hospitality:Atlantans’ warm and welcoming attitude is deeply ingrained into local lifestyle and culture. This, in turn, helps create a sense of community and belonging.
  • Cultural diversity: Atlanta is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds– a place where diversity is celebrated. A wide range of cultural festivals, international cuisine, and events celebrate this aspect of city life.
  • Thriving job market:Atlanta is home to many industries, including technology, film and television, finance, and healthcare. Job growth in the area is on trend to be 35.22%, higher than the national average of 30.54%.
  • Green spaces:Despite its urban environment, Atlanta is filled with lush green spaces. The city is home to the expansive Piedmont Park, the serene Atlanta Botanical Garden, and a network of trails along the Atlanta BeltLine, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.
  • Culinary delights:Atlanta’s food scene is a delightful mix of traditional Southern flavors and international cuisine. From soul food to gourmet dining, there is a wide range of options that cater to nearly every palate.
  • Education and research: Atlanta is home to world-class educational institutions, including Emory University, Georgia Tech, and Morehouse College. These universities contribute to the city’s thriving research and innovation scene.
  • Sports and entertainment: Apart from being home to professional teams such as the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, and Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta hosts various major sporting events throughout the year. Theaters, live music venues, and art galleries also enrich the local entertainment scene.

Overall, Atlanta’s distinctive characteristics and amenities paint a picture of a city that embraces diversity, history, culture, and progress.

Whether you’re drawn to its southern charm, educational opportunities, job market, or vibrant cultural scene, Atlanta has something special to offer to everyone. It’s a city where the past meets the future, and where hospitality is as abundant as its opportunities.

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HOME is your guide to the finest luxury homes for sale in Atlanta, GA. Composed of top-producing Atlanta-based luxury Realtors, this collective was founded in 2021 and has already amassed over $4.8 billion in combined sales. You will be in great and capable hands.

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