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Inman Park

Inman Park was Atlanta’s first planned community and features beautiful early 20th-century homes, hip local eateries, and a plethora of quirky boutiques and shops. Over the past several decades, the neighborhood has grown to include a mixture of townhouses, single family homes, and condominium opportunities. Inman Park accommodates homeowners at a wide range of price points and styles — from recently built townhouses to renovated bungalows and historic mansion estates. Notably, the area includes access points for the east side BeltLine trail, Krog Street Market and the Krog Tunnel. It’s also just a stone’s throw away from the Edgewood Avenue nightlife district, which is home to some of Atlanta’s highly acclaimed restaurants, bars and clubs. The neighborhood has taken on the image of a butterfly, including two faces, as their official registered logo. The Inman Park Neighborhood Association explains that one of the faces “symbolizes looking to the past and the beauty of the youthful years of Inman Park,” while the other face “looks ahead to the future of our blossoming neighborhood.”  

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